Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been awhile!!

Hi all! It has been awhile since I posted last. Just way too much going on but I have still been reading your blogs, just not commenting...sorry about that!

Since my last post, alot has been going on with my back. Physical therapy did nothing for me so we did go ahead and do an MRI. I met with the spine doctor last week. Turns out I have 7 herniated discs, cervical and thoracic disc degeneration and thoracic spine stenosis. I knew I had 2 herniated discs but never knew about the other ones. So now, I have to try a different physical therapy, take nerve pills (which have made me sick) and have an EMS (nerve) test done as I have pain also in my left arm. So this is where I'm at with that!

So in the meantime, when not working, I have been working on that big picture of the cross-stitching that I told you all about while back. And I am so glad to say that it is done, except for placing it in a frame for good!! The one in the picture, I broke the glass out of it so now I gotta get a whole new one. I will sell this if I get a good enough offer. It is big...the frame measures 27 1/4 by 33 1/2. I have lightly stained the fabric.


I really don't have anything else to report on. Nothing exciting going on here. Been hot, which I love! Got a couple of extra new magazines that I will be giving away soon so stay tuned for that. Hope you are all doing well!