Monday, July 30, 2012

No laughing!!

I attempted to do some punch needle this past week. Didn't go very well but I'm going to keep on going on it. Haven't done much cross stitching lately and I believe Jenny has some new patterns that I need to get and get stitched up.

Here are picture's of the 2 pieces that I did. They aren't prim and they were kits that I bought at Hobby Lobby. Not sure what to do with them at this!


I'm working on a more primitive one now.

Here is a couple of pictures of a few of my flowers before we went into a drought.

These hibiscus got so big this year!!

Got a picture of Spaz after I put down some catnip on her! She just goes crazy!!

Nothing else has been happening around here. We need rain as I'm sure plenty of you also need it too! My mom's boyfriend lost all his corn that he planted, he has no irrigation. Sad!!

Ok, I have another magazine to give away. This is the 2nd issue of this magazine. If you have won before, you can't win again. First post on my actual blog wins!!

Have a great week everyone!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So sorry for being so late....

I know I promised a magazine giveaway in my last post so here it is. I have 2 copies left of "Flea Market Style" You can scroll down to one of the other posts and it will show you the cover photo. First and second person that posts a comment on this blog post will win. If you have won before, you can't win again...sorry!

So, on to my back. The nerve test came out normal. So today I went in for an injection. They were talking about doing my neck, but instead opted for the upper back. Now I had 2 of these injections back in 2009 for my lower back, and I absolutely do not recall being in so much pain as I am in now. Hoping the pain goes away during the night. Who wants to be stuck in bed on the 4th of July? Not me!! So that is where I stand now.

Nothing else has been happening around here. Haven't been buying anything, trying to sell off what I have instead. No antique stores, estate sales or even to Goodwill. I must be really sick!! I did get a new tattoo though and I love it. It's of an owl and it's on my left lower leg.

So that's all I got! And thanks for stopping by!!