Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a week!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well this Saturday evening. It's cold and snowy here in Nebraska.

Before I get to my week, I first need to show you my stocking that I won from Tammy over at her blog. She says it's backwards but I'm loving it either way! She also included that sweet little stocking. Thanks so much Tammy. And a thanks to Angie for the lovely card! No picture of it though, fogot!

I did get some more pinkeeps done and listed on ebay.

Now about the week that I had. Started at 7 am last Friday morning, never good to get a phone call that early in my house. It was my mom's boyfriend telling me that he thinks my mom had a stroke and that they were calling the ambulance. I'm going crazy at this time. Have to wait a bit before going to the hospital as they live about 20 miles away. Anyway, for long story short, the doctor's say that she had a TIA (mini-stoke). She is on Coumadin and her blood numbers weren't right along with the A-Fib that she has was probably most likely the cause of it they said. She has no debilitating effects, thank GOD! She was in the hospital until Monday, they let her out. She had scans done and never did find anything or where she might have been hemmoraging if she did have a clot. So anyway, she is doing really well now and has been out and about. We have been telling her that it's too soon but she won't listen. She said she is going back to work this Monday but she has another thing coming if she thinks she So thank you all that said prayers for her when I had originally posted on facebook and you saw it there.

Well that is about it for here. Just not much going on at all. I have done some decorating but nothing like I did last year. I don't even have my tree up yet and still debating on doing that.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!


Unknown said...

Hi Brenda,
How scary.
I am so glad to hear she didn't have any lasting effects.
Sending her my positive thoughts and prayers.

I'm so glad you are pleased with your stocking and little ornie.
Take care my friend.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Brenda-
So sorry to hear about your mom!
Glad to hear she's doing okay! My thoughts and prayers will be with her.
Love your stockings that you recieved.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wow what a scare,glad she is doing ok now.She is some fighter for sure.Love the stocking you won.I'm finishing up your package and plan to get it out the end of the week.Hugs!~Amy

Carmen S. said...

Thank God your mom is okay Brenda! With what just happened with my step-dad, I dare say "Tis the season for miracles"! Love the stocking and pinkeeps!!!! Have a great day sweet friend:)

Danice G said...

I will pray for your mother and your family. So glad she has no permanent lasting effects.

Raymond Homestead said...

Neat stocking and Love your pinkeeps!


I am glad to hear that you mom is better. Your stockings are great, hope you have a great week.

cynthia lee designs said...

So glad to hear that your mom is better.
Congrats on your win...the stockings are great.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Tammy's stocking is so cute, congrats on winning it!

Yes, glad your mom is home and doing fine. That is a scary thing! My husband was diagnosed with A-Fib when he was 36 so we know about that.

I am just now going through a few totes of Christmas and still working on getting the trees up. It's been a rough time for me so it's hard to get myself going.

Have a delightful Christmas, my friend~

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

O Brenda so glad to hear that your mom is ok with no ill effects!I am so stuggling to decorate myself , not just the lack of decor just lack of ambition I guess ! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas ! hugs lilraggedyangie

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

PS i love the pinkeeps you do such great work!

jennifer768 said...

Sweet stockings!So glad that your mom had no ill effects!Will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs,Jen

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh my goodness gal. Well, I'm glad to hear your mom is back at it, but she'd better listen to you :o)
Congratulations on winning Tam's burlap stocking. I love the burlap home decor I'm seeing around.
Oh and your cross stitchings are perfect! Love 'em!

Janie Fox said...

Hope your Mom is still doing well. Happy New Year . Blessings to you in 2012!