Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just love my new graphics designed by Mandie of HBcorner (etsy). She did a great job. We are still working on getting the background loaded.

Ok, here are some pictures of my gs and my DD when they were here visiting the other day. Hope this works!

These 2 are of him being silly at the restaurant



The kid likes his sour


This is my DS...he loves his ketchup...ha!


and then the following is of GS again, playing with his Bend A Roos


All in all, it was good having him and the DD here.


kris said...

Your GS is a cutie, LOL! Can Ryan come over and play with the Bend-a-Roos with him? And I really don't think there's enough ketchup yet, LOL!!!

BTW, love your banner and avatar!
Looks good so far!

Kris :)

dee begg said...

He looks like he has his grandma in him...what a little devil!

big city prims said...

Welcome to the blog world!! I can't wait to see your painted 'stuff'!!!