Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I so hope that this New Year is the best yet for you all!! I have made some resolutions for myself that I hopefully accomplish. I turn 50 this year so it's time for me to look back and reflect on my life and make some major decisions for my future. I unfortunately have lots of baggage in my life that I have got to do something's dragging me down and I'm just getting to old for it. The one most thing that I want to happen is to go back to school! Yes, I want to do this. I want to go into Nail Technology. This is something that I can do wherever I might end up at in life. Then in order for me to go back to school, I have to save money! There is no financial aide for this class. But I had already decided that this year I'm going to quit buying, things that I don't need. Things that I say I'm going to make or re-do and then I don't get to it. This also means that there is going to be some major decluttering! My basement is full of stuff, things that I kept that I was going to use in my booth at that shop that never came through, or's going, going, gone! Maybe that falls into the "baggage" description also. Anyway.............

We had a very nice Christmas. The first part of the day was at my mom's and her boyfriend's house. And then the other half of the day was at my house with my kid's.
My GS Landon doing some quick Christmas crafts.

My youngest son Kyle and his girlfriend Andrea.

My oldest son Shawn and his wife Christine. She is pretty excited at her gift, she got lots of photographer stuff.

My mom and Landon again.

My daughter Amber, Shawn and my hubby.

The Monday after Christmas and before I had decided not to spend $$ great little store...The Whistlestop Country Store was having an after Christmas sale and I got the following items.
Notice my cat Spaz has to check it all out!
The wire tree I love and those little mini stockings are so adorable!

Wallbox and candlestick holder

Snowflake sticks

Fabric covered these!

And then Laurie, the owner....she is just the greatest and sweetest person, gave me a t-shirt that she had someone design for her to mark the store's "Twinkle Night". I love this shirt!

I have been getting alot of cross-stitching done still. Will be listing all this sometime on ebay this weekend. I have been having success there.
These are designs by Brenda Keyes, Shelly Auen, Jenny Hoffman and Cathy Livingston.


Well I think that's all I have for now. Hope you all are staying warm! Have a great rest of the weekend and week!!


Primsue said...

Brenda, you got some great goodies at the Whistlestop. I have one of those wire trees and I enjoy decorating it for the different seasons - you will love it.

Have a blessed New Year,

Carmen S. said...

Brenda, I hope all your dreams come true this year:)Love the pic of Spaz, looks like he is trying to decide what to get into,lol!

Danice G said...

Hi Brenda. Happy New Years to you and your family. I love the little pin cushions in your Etsy shop. Glad to have another new friend :)

renee said...

Hi Brenda, I hope you will acheive all that you set out to do! I will have to check out your etsy sometime. Looks like you all had a nice holiday together.
God bless.

Jody said...

Happy New Year Brenda! Wow do I love that wall box, and all the goodies you got for that always find the neatest stuff! Wishing you much success on your new adventure of returning to school, and your cross stitching is amazing....Love them all!

Bee Lady said...

HI Brenda,

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a nice day.

So, I'm wondering about your basement. why? Because mine is AWFUL and FULL! I go to garage sales with a friend who has a booth at an antique mall. I buy material, yarn, vintage linens etc. thinking I will do projects with them. And sometimes I do, but most of the time I'm moving things around trying to find something. So, do share when you start getting rid of the clutter. Maybe it will motivate me to do the same! We're moving this year and if I don't get rid of it, I'll have to move it! Can you imagine?


Pat said...


I applaud you for wanting to go back to school. Wishing that your dream comes true!

Warmest Regards,

Kindra-At Home With K said...

What a fun goal to have! And I'm glad you are doing well with Ebay that you can raise some $ for tuition. Maybe you can sell some of your stuff that is in the basement on your blog or through craigslist to get some more cash! :) Happy New Year!

Firecracker Kid said...

Does cosmetology include nails, and is there financial aide for it? Sounds like you'll be busy decluttering. Just remember, your clutter could be someone else's treasure.
Aww, you got Spaz a Christmas tree:) Hey your cross stitches look great! Oh the temptations you're gonna have to face from GW's and the Whistle Stop... lol. Good luck darlin'!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Wow, that's awesome Brenda!! We are never too old to do something new in life (and I'm not saying you are old, btw!). I wish you much success with your goals! You are the type that will do whatever it is you set out to do so I know you will succeed in this endeavor!

Wonderful Christmas pictures, Landon is a cutie! It's so good to see your family having a great time and enjoying each other. That's what it's all about.

Okay, I am seeing lots of these wire trees now and I guess I've never noticed them before. I want one! So if you decide to de-clutter it, let me know hehe. Lots of cute things, I love that shirt too!

So glad to hear your ebay is going so well, that is awesome Brenda! Your stitching is beautiful so I can see why you sell so well.

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Brenda, Maybe this will make you feel better. I drew your name for package #1. If you send me your address, I can get the package mailed right out. Happy birthday! 50 isn't so bad and I would know. I just had my 60th and I am a survivor!
Thanks for entering, Brenda.
BTW~I will be posting my announcement in the morning.