Monday, July 4, 2011

A win and a couple of questions for you all~

Wow, 2 posts in one day....AGAIN!!! I'm getting better at this blogging!!

I won a giveaway from Natalie over at Tins and Treasures. I got this wonderful sewing basket and a bunch of surprises when I opened it up! Got some DMC floss, knitting needles, some homspun fabric, sticky felt, paintbrushes. Thank you so very much Natalie...I love it all!!


Did I show you all my little desk that I got at The Whistle Stop Country Store a couple of weeks ago?? I love it but once again, I have no place for it yet.


Ok, my questions pertain to the next 2 pictures. Anyone know what they are? The hooks maybe rug hooking? These 3 things were in a box that my mom had gotten at an auction recently.



Ok, I think that's it for today! Hope the holiday is going well for you all!


Anonymous said...

Nice going on your goodie win.
I love the little desk, it's unique. Never seen one with an attached chair. I am not sure, but I think the item is for wool rug punching. The other tools look like rug hooking tools for yarn use.
I could be wrong though.
Enjoy your goodies.
Happy 4th.
Country at heart

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I agree with Tamera. Hooking tools. You thinking about hooking? They say it is very relaxing. I've never done either kind but like the finished product.
Enjoy the rest of this glorious day!

The Whistle Stop said...

You are one lucky girl... you are always winning something! Do you play the lottery? ha!
Hope you find a place for the little school desk... she sure is a cute one! Thanks for shopping with us!
Happy Fourth!
Laurie :)

Beckyjean said...

Hi Brenda~

Love your new desk!! You are one lucky lady with all your blog wins lately.

Have a wonderful 4th~Becky

BumbleBeeLane said...

The first tool looks like a needle punch,the second for hooking but I couldn't tell ya how to use them proper.I got my goodies need to send you a quick email.Yours should be there tomorrow or wednesday.You'll love that I sent your favorite a great 4th!Hugs!~Amy

JaneT said...

Oh, you lucky lady. Wonderful giveaway to win. My aunt had something that looked like those hook things. She would take material and make rag yarn out of it. Then she would us the hook to make hooked rugs. When she was near death she asked me to send back the one my uncle had made for me. I am not sure why she wanted it, but I still have material and no hook. The hook has to be long. You have a treasure there.

Barbara said...

Hi Brenda...the two tools with wooden handles are shoe button hooks. They are old and were used to hook the buttons on old high-top shoes. Sorry, they weren't for rug hooking, but they're still nice treasures to own. Blessings from Cabin In The Woods in N.C.

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Brenda:) Beep beep! Our holiday weekend was great and had lots of firecracker fun.
Awesome old desk. You'll have to make room for that:)
I'm thinking those two on the bottom are shoe button hooks.

Unknown said...

The top one is a rug hooking tool and the two bottom ones are old shoes button hooks.
You know, the old tall boots with the button closures. They used these for fastening and unfastening the boots.
I bet you could use them for rug hooking too, if you wanted to though.
Congrats on the win.
Love your desk.

Deb Riddell said...

Congratulations of your giveaway win, what wonderful treasures from Natalie! And love your school desk, what a beauty! Glad someone else knew what your found treasures were, I was completely wrong on my guesses! Hope you had a great 4th of July, Deb

The Moonlit Stitch said...

What a great sewing basket! I remember those old school desks! Can you imagine having to put on high button shoes every day? Thank goodness for flip flops! Enjoy your goodies! ~*~Lisa

Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, Brenda,
I'm so glad the package reached you safely...and I'm glad you like your supplies. Have a great week. ~Natalie

Farmhouse prims said...

Congratulations on your winning. I love everything and that old desk is awesome! Hugs, Lecia

renee said...

I think you got spoiled with lots of wonderful goodies! I like all of them! Can't wait to see what you create!

Janie Fox said...

Finally getting caught up on my reading. You have a sweet desk. The needle punch is for wool rugs and the two little ones are shoe button hooks. Lucky you, I never win the give aways!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

What a sweet win from Natalie, she is a sweetie! I could put every bit of that to good use, what fun.

LOVE that desk! You need to find a place for it, lol. I have 3 old school desks and they are fun to decorate... I love looking for old school supplies and chalkboards.