Thursday, October 1, 2009

GW, a new do and babbling

Hello all!! A big Welcome goes to my new followers!!

Visited GW this week, not much again. Looks like I will have to get into Omaha soon to take care of this! This is what I did end up getting.



I also got some cross-stitch fabric and a couple of Country Home magazines. I decided to stop again today since I was out that way to go to WM to get my medicines. Not much again but I did get a Nativity scene. I have never had one in all my years...isn't that weird!!

I did get a new do the other day. Going to go lighter now, need a way to cover the grey so I figured a lighter color wouldn't show it as much. I usually grow my hair out in the Winter but my stylist talked me into a short cut...again! I can't believe how fat my face I have like 4 chins!!!


It is really getting chilly here....too soon!! The north wind is just a howling out. It was rainy but now the sun is trying to peek out but it is still chilly. Tomorrow we are only supposed to have a high of 50! WOW! I have read that some of you have already gotten a frost but that hasn't happened here yet.

Last weekend was my grandson's 6th birthday party. Have you ever seen that age bowl??? It is so fun to watch. He even got a strike! Of course the gutter edges were up but still!! Those kids just drop the I'm sure that the guy running the lanes is just sitting there getting screamish thinking about his lanes! LOL! He also lost his 1st tooth last week. He doesn't agree that he will lose anymore, no matter what we said! Here are some pictures of him.




Well I think that's gonna be it for today. I'm hoping I can get some cross-stitching done. Oh, I did want to there a way to search blogs by State? Do any of you know or is that a dumb question? I would just like to see if there are any people around the area that have blogs. Ok, now I'm done! Thanks for joining me today!


Carmen S. said...

Brenda, I like those pan thingies ya found and NO..NO..NO your face is NOT fat at all!!!! I think you look great and your grandson is adorable:) Our GW here never gets the good stuff either, unless the workers there get it!

Janene said...

You are so so beautiful...and that hair cut suits you fine!
What a cutie of a grandson you have.
You found some great things...I don't know what they are, but I would have picked them up too!
Have a great weekend!

Country Acres Primitives said...

Love your haircut and your grandson is a cutie! Makes me want to go bowling, we haven't gone in a few years!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...


Love the hair! I think it looks fab!


Christine said...

This may be long- sorry! Your haircut is beautiful! So is your grandson :) It made me smile when you said he doesn't believe you about the teeth! When my oldest was his age, after he lost his first tooth, and his second was loose, I checked the loose one and excitedly told him it was almost ready to come out. He started crying! I finally got it out of him...he said he couldn't lose all of his teeth b/c he wouldn't be able to eat anything! lol I don't know if I ever explained to him well enough that they would all grow back! He was just panicked that he would be toothless :) And bowling with that age is hilarious! The bowling alleys usually reserve certain alley's for the 'bumper bowling' has to leave dents in the wood the way they heave those balls! lol
I discovered by accident that you can see all bloggers by state. You have to go to a blogger profile of someone from the state you are interested in- you can go to your own to see others from your state. I had clicked on someone who left a comment and when it brought up their profile, I clicked on the state up under their name. It brought up a listing of every google using blogger that had that state listed in their profile! Granted, searching through 1,000,000+++ bloggers is a lot of work, but if you are just interested in seeing people who live in your state and maybe near you, it would work. I don't know if their is another way that is easier, but it's a start. It only lists them by 'blogger name' and not the name of their blog though. It does list their interests- if they filled that out in their profile. It would give you a quick glance of what their blogs may be about. Hope it helps a little.

CHER said...

Hi!!!! So funny that I am about to ask this question--- because I have an identical one in my front room. What are those hanging pans? ha ha ha. Have a blessed day!!!!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hello Brenda!....Thank you for visiting my blog and for the compliment on my new chair!....your new do looks great!....and your grandson is adorable!....have a lovely autumn weekend!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Love your new do Brenda! It looks great :0)

philben5 said...

Love the new do!! Enjoy my trips to "pine Tree Prims" and so glad you stopped by Beverly Sandhills.