Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some estate store finds and a redo

WOW....I just love the response that I have gotten for the giveaway!! So many new blogs and new friends! Thank you all and also thank you to those that have posted my giveaway on your blog. I do want to mention that the shelf, kleenex box and thermostat cover are black, distressed then stained with dark walnut stain. There is still plenty of time for you all to sign up if you haven't yet. Rules are on the post below this one.

The estate store was open last weekend and here are my finds.

I bought this specifically to attach to my Hoosier cabinet but I can't get it to stay put! Darn it anyway!

Old coffee grinder. Needs to be cleaned up.


My most expensive find that day. It has some chips in it but that's ok.

A bookshelf type holder, I'll redo this.


Then I also got this small bench and I forgot to take a before picture but this is what I did with it. Too much distressing do you think??? I put my crocks and jugs on it.


That's all I have. The weather has been beautiful here but today it's rainy and just plain blah. I think I will go and do some stitching!! Have a good one everyone and thanks again!!


Beckyjean said...


Love your finds. The bench looks great! Have a great day!!


Carmen S. said...

You got yourself some nice stuff there ! I love the coffee grinder and of course that crock is WONDERFUL!!! Hope you're enjoying the day:)

basketsnprims said...

Great finds, I love the crock. I have a 5 gallon redwing. Have a great day.

Lynn Barbadora said...

WOO-HOOOOOOOOOO! Love your finds!

Jody said...

Wonderful finds! Wish I could find neat stuff like that at our thrift shops! Ya did great gal!

Unknown said...

Those are some great finds. Good job on the make over, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda, Love your great finds! Hey I have a Hoosier and I also bought a food grinder to attach to it, and you know there is a special bracket that you have to have to attach it? I only know this because I was showing my Dad mine and he told me thats why it falls off when I try to put mine on. You can get them at Kennedy's or ebay or the restoration catalogs.. If you want to know more I will get you some specifics. Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a reasonable priced bracket for your Hoosier. Kennedy's is a reputable company.

Cat Haven Craft House said...

Great finds! I have a food grinder that I "attached" to the enamel counter top of my hoosier cabinet - but its just barely secure, so I'm glad to see about the bracket! I will definetly stop at that online store and take a look.

mrssmith07 said... sure did find some goodies!!


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Good finds girl! That's a cute little bench. If it was mine, I would probably go over it with some dark brown briwax but I'm not into white at all. Once the crocks are on it, you really don't see much of the finish anyway. It's all in what YOU like. =]

Lynn said...

Brenda, love all your really neat finds!! Love the food grinder and coffee grinders!

I also would like to say Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and for leaving such kind comments! I am so glad that this is now all behind me, and hopefully the med's will make all right!


Jessica said...

Love your finds! I wish I could find cool stuff like that too.

Firecracker Kid said...

Good shopping Bren:)

Rory said...

Hi Brenda, I published your link on a post today about the 6th Photo Game and picked you and your great site to be a part of it. Have a great day. Rory

At Home With Amy said...

Crocks and coffee grinders are a favorite of mine. What luck you had at the estate sale.

ddogood said...

Great finds Brenda! Love to see treasures. Keep those pictures coming!