Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some show and tell!!

I had every intention of posting before now...not sure what happened!! I do have some things to show you and also to tell you.

I did manage to get a a couple of redo's done last week while it was warm out (it's in the 40's now) but I can't show them to you as I'm still trying to decide if they will be included in the giveaway, which I believe is only 1 post away! One that I can show you is this frame that I found at Goodwill and my print that I bought quite some time ago fits perfectly in it. I just painted the frame black, sanded and stained.


I also got a couple of little frames done which you will see in a moment.

I received this rug in the mail last week also. It's a design by Susan Burd and she has licensed her prints to be made into rugs! I'm so happy for her and I just love this rug. Very well made!!

And then also last week in the mail, I got these adorable little wood pears painted by Jody. Aren't these the cutest!! She paints so well!!

I did find a couple of things at Goodwill last week. Not much...again!!


I also found some Ironstone dishes too...not sure what I'm going to do with those.

I also managed to get some cross-stitching done up. I'll list these on ebay later today.
This is a design by Lori of Norforgotten Farm Samplers.

A design by Stone & Thread.

A design by Tanya of The Sampler Girl

And last, a design by Deanna Carter Designs.

A couple of weeks ago, the guy that my mom lives with had a fire at his farm. They live in town but he has a farming business with his son's and they have all their equipment and cow's on a farm outside of town. He lost 5 tractor's, loaders, balers and 2 pickup trucks plus all the tools that they had in the barn. I was so heartbroken for him. Thankfully they had insurance but still. I can't imagine what he was feeling that morning. He is getting up there in age and it's hard to have to start all over again. Thank God that nobody was hurt though. All the other can be replaced. The cows were in a different area so they weren't hurt either.

Well I think that's all I have for this time. I just have to get all the giveaway stuff together and then I will be posting that!! Have a great day everyone!!


Jody said...

Brenda your cross stitching is wonderful! I just picked it up again myself, and I am having so much fun with it.
Hope you enjoy the pears....and I love, love that washboard...great finds hon!

CHER said...

wow, I love everything Brenda!!!!

What a sad thing about the farm, praying for them to have peace!!!

Pam said...

I really love those brooms & washboard you found at the GW...I never get that lucky!
Those stitcheries are very did a great job!

Carol said...

Hello Brenda friend:) So sorry to hear of your mom's friends loss. We've been there done that with a house fire years ago. I'm so glad his cattle were away from the fire, and that he had insurance.

Your stitcheries are adorable and I love the hearth brooms you found at GW. You take care now:) Talk at ya later!

Allison said...

I love your cross stitchery's, I use to cross stitch but quit when I added more kids to my life and lost count all the time. I love the wooden pears!

So sorry to hear of your mom's friends lost. We had a fire 7 years ago so I know how horrible it can be.

I can't wait to see your makeovers.

Anonymous said...

I like that print, it reflects the beauty there is in simple things. :)
You did a great job with your x-stitching, the last one is my personal favorite.
Your rug is so Springy, gotta love that.
Those pears are super!
I can't find anything I like at our Goodwill.:(
I'm so sorry about the fire, life is hard enough handling the day to day stuff without that happening.
Glad to hear from well! :)

Carmen C. said...

Awesome cross stitching Brenda!! That's awful about the fire, thank goodness no one was hurt including the precious cows!

Lori said...

Hi Brenda!
Thanks for visiting my blog ~
great stitches!!!! they are all your GW finds, too!!
So sad to hear about the fire, but thank the Stars that no-one, including the animals were hurt!!!

Blessed be~

Jessica [] said...

Wonderful show & tell and stitches! I really need to get back into cross stitching. That is sad about the farm. Thank God nobody was hurt!

Angie Berry said...

The print looks good in your new frame. Don't you just love how it all comes together?! I love Jody's pears too! I've been thinking about buying some. I just bought a sign from her and can't wait to get it!

Your samplers are beautiful! You do good work girl!

Sorry to hear about the fire loss. I can't even imagine. My dad was a farmer and I know how heartbroken he would have been if that happened to him. I feel so sorry for the man.