Saturday, May 1, 2010

Show & Tell and last reminder for giveaway!!

Evening friends....hope this finds you all well!

This post will be the last reminder for the giveaway before I draw a name on Monday morning (once I get up and! The entry post is about 3 post's below this one. The response to this has just been overwhelming. I have found many great blogger friends and blogs by having this giveaway, I just hope that you all stay with me after the giveaway! I also noticed that I am now at 200 followers....hhhmmm...another giveaway for that???? I'll have to see if I can round up anything for that but it won't be right away. But do keep an eye out for a post on it!!

Ok, now for some show and tell. First off I have to tell you about this shelf and fowl rack that I got from my good friend...Carol...over at Firecrackerkid Primitives.
I know I have talked about her and her hubby before on some other things that they made for me and these are the latest that I just got in the mail last week. They are just the greatest people to work with and could probably build anything you wanted them to!!



The next 2 pictures of the bowl and chair came out of a dumpster that was parked next door to me as they were cleaning out the house. The chair is in basically excellent condition except some stains and the fabric on the back of the chair is coming loose. I'm trying to find a way to get this recovered. The bowl also came out of the dumpster. I don't think it's old but it looks like it is, it is kind of warped also which makes it look even better!!




The following pictures are all redo's that I got done last week...I was!!
I can't find the before pics for some reason.

I think I'm gonna put some kind of a label over the heart on this piece.


I wanna try and find some kind of an inkwell to put on this little lap writing desk.


My neighbor grabbed this as soon as it was


Cutting board that had some weird design on it. By the way, all this stuff is black, not blue. I don't know why my camera makes it look blue!


Another shelf.


A bunch of frames.




And this I did find the before picture.



And now. I love how it turned out but I think I hit the mirror with the sander, I can't get rid of those marks. That was bad of me!! Looks like I have the same clothes on also...haha!!


The very last thing that I have is just the one thing that I found at the Salvation Army in Omaha last week. It was depressing so I went next door to Hancock Fabrics and spent my money!!


My daughter and grandson are here for the weekend. We had went out to eat earlier. That 6 yr. old little boy just doesn't stop at all!! He's either moving or! But I still love him so much!!

Have a great weekend all!!


Unknown said...

WOW!! What wonderful finds. I especially love your dumpster bowl!! :) Now you cant beat that.
And it sure looks like an old one to me. Love it. Hope your having a great weekend. Take Care,

Maggey and Jim said...

Hey, lots of work there but I think that chair has real possibilities.. Love the bowls too. I know what you mean bout the Salvation Army stores.. Have a good one.

Donna said...

Wow talk about awsome finds!!!! Love them all..and I'm green with envy!! Have a great day!!

nancy huggins said...

Wow..what great finds especially the bowls..I can't find them anywhere (unless I want to pay an arm and leg..You did good on refinishing them :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic giveaway. You have some great finds.

Firecracker Kid said...

A treasure trove! That bowl looks like an old one and looks like real wood too. What size is it? Your redo's all look great gal! I'd take 'em all in a heartbeat:)

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Looking good girl! I love all that you've been working on. I sure wish I had the time to get busy like you. My slow down time will start in 2 weeks when the kids are out of school! Yah!!! You're making me jealous with all this fun stuff you're doing!

Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Brenda....I'm loving the hinged picture's awesome.