Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall decorating, new things, giveaways I have won (picture heavy post)

Good afternoon all!! Hope your week has started off good for you all. I've been busy decorating and doing some creating also.

Here are some pictures of some of the Fall decorating that I have done around my home.
My wash stand. I don't think I am going to redo the stand, I think I'll just leave it the chippy white.











Last Thursday was the Fall Open House at my favorite prim store, The Whistle Stop
I got some great stuff there and I just love talking with the owner, Laurie, but she was really busy so we didn't get much of a chance to chat. There was a line waiting at the fence for the store to open! That just shows what a great little store this is!!
This is what I all got.




Can't wait for her Christmas Open House!! LOL!

I also received an email last week informing that I won a giveaway. I won Lucy over at Down Willow Lane. Lucy is making the trip overseas so she won't be here for a bit yet but I'll post a picture once she arrives!

AND then today I received an email letting me know that I was the 2nd giveaway winner over at Crafty Stitchers. An awesome penny rug and a pumpkin. That penny rug will be the first that I have ever owned! I'll post when I receive those goodies also!!

A couple of weeks ago, Jody from Primgal's Primitive Pallette and I did some bartering as I wanted some of her painted soaps. I sent her some surfaces that she could paint up. If you have never seen any of Jody's paintings, you really need to check her blog out. The soaps are so neat and she also included a surprise...a cute prim heart in a rusty bed spring and a prim crow hangtag. These are the soaps and the prim heart that I got.



Here are some candle mats that I got done this week.



I know by now (if you are still with me at this point) you are saying... "is she done yet?"...LOL!!
Got one more thing to show you. Susan Burd of Country Crocks by Susan, has some of her prints licensed into rug designs. This is the 2nd rug that I have bought from her and they are great. I just love mine! This is the Fall one.

Ok, I really think that's it for now!! Thanks for staying with me and hope that you all have a great week!!


Primsue said...

Brenda, I enjoyed your post - I love lots of photos. Your Fall decorating looks great. Congrats on you wins!

Autumn Blessings,

Sheila said...

Great goodies from your prim shop I love the wash stand! I still need to get my fall things out-don't understand why I'm dragging my feet! It's my favorite season to decorate for!!! Guess I'm to busy creating for everyone else! ;-)
Hope you have a blessed week ahead~

Carmen C. said...

It looks like fall is in the air and i love it all, but that wash stand is beautiful!!!!!

Jody said...

Everything looks so pretty Brenda!I am with everyone else on that wash stand....awesome!
I am so glad you enjoyed the soaps!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I, too, love your wash stand.
Is your bittersweet real?
I really love the duck/goose/swan?!
Great swap. She does a great job with the painting. I admire that talent.

Ann said...

Brenda, I really like all your berries and candle rings. They add just a touch of fall without rearranging everything! ~Ann

dee begg said...


What do ya do? Save it all for one post? LOL! Love the washstand but am still thinking it would look better in my still have my address, right? Jody does an awesome job painting those little soaps. Love the things you bought at the prim shop...what was it called...gosh it was so long ago in that post, I forgot! LOL! Love the spider web candle mat the do have my address, right? LOL! Luv ya!


At Home With Amy said...

Everything is very pretty. You won some fabulous goodies. Your mats turned out really great. Very nicely done.
Enjoy your week,
Hugs AMY

Virginiarose said...

Really enjoyed your post.Thanks for sharing with us. Wished I lived closer so I could visit that cool store. Love your candle rings,I keep thinking I will try to do one someday but don't seem to work up the nerve.
Have a good day Ginger

Christine said...

Hi Brenda, I so enjoyed seeing your fall decorating as the colors are lovely!
Lucky you winning all those giveaways!
Best wishes

nancy huggins said...

Wow..Love all the pictures especially the one with the tea cart..Gave me some ideas for my tea cart..Thanks for sharing..Come visit me on my blog for lots of pictures in my new post :)

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Thank you so much for the best wishes!!
I love all the treasures in your pics!!

Olde Corps Primitives said...

Very nice fall decorating! the second picture from top. Where did you get the table top 2 tier basket. I thinks it metal and on the left side of table. I love it!

Angie Berry said...

I love that nightstand and I would do the same if I was you... leave it as is. It has a wonderful finish on it!

Love your fall decorating, especially the bittersweet wrapped around your crocks of rolling pins. Your cupboard and dough boards are decorated very nicely too!

Girl, that spider web stitching is perfect!! How on earth did you get it so even? Love all your candle mats!

I enjoyed coming over here to catch up with you and see what you've been up to... busy, busy girl!

You've gotten lots of neat things to decorate with lately. I love Jody's paintings, she is very talented! Is that her pears I see in the fifth picture down?

Angie Berry said...

I thought they were hers. I almost ordered some, they are very cute!

If you do some rusting, let me know how it works out for you! Like you said... learned something new today. Haha!