Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great weekend!

The weather was perfect here...not too hot, not too cold. What did I get done? Not! No painting, no redo's, no sewing. Not even any gardening or flower planting done. So you are asking...."well then what did you do?" Been cutting wood for this huge order that we have, I have been sanding a few things. Got out my Summer clothes and put my Winter ones away (you will snow next week!). Went to Menards, got a new sander, some more spray paint and hubby got a new tiller/cultivator. Been trying to coax my kitty out of the tree for the last 3 hours. Hubby finally was able to reach her after climbing the ladder. He is such a sweetie and he is even allergic to them! And then just been doing general housework cleaning, laundry and the such. I didn't get much accomplished with my painting or the such, but got a lot accomplished outside.


Apple Tree Cottage said...

Isn't it a shame that our household duties interfere with our painting???? I have a load of clothes to fold this very minute, but I think I will paint a bit first!

:o) Martha

Janene said...

Hi Brenda~
I bought the prim labels from Susie at Yankee Lane Primitives.
Here is a link to her Ebay site:
Let me know if this helps!

dee begg said...


I was gonna ask...what did you do? Nothing? LOL! I see you got somethings accomplished. I hate when I run out of hours in the day!