Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy weekend and lots of photos of goodies!!

Well it was a busy weekend of!! I also have a question for you all but I will ask that at the end. Hope you don't mind all the pictures!

To start off with, Friday morning, my neighbor and I went to an Estate Dispersal Store. It's open one weekend a month here in town. I had never been there but I was on a mission to find a cabinet of some sort for my kitchen to replace the baker's rack. Asked the neighbor to go since he has a This is what I came back with!

All these little molds for 4.00!

I was told this is a magazine rack..don't know if it's old.


This little footstool


This awesome chippy mirror!

And then...ta da!! LOL!

It even has a peg rack on it!

So then after that, I decided that I needed to make a trip out to the Goodwill, not too much this time.


I'll paint this and use it as a book rack for my recipe books

And then after I got home from there, a huge package was sitting on my porch that was delivered by the UPS truck. All this awesome stuff came from Shari over at




I also got this old knife holder in the mail Friday too. I bought this off of ebay.

Ok, so now we are on Saturday. My hubby wanted to go out to that dispersal store so I of course said....let's go honey!! LOL! And this is what I got on that trip. That little jug is pewter and then I'll prim those flags up.


That big silver jug is full of buttons...7.00! And then that coffee jar has a bunch of old square head nails in it...3.00!

And then after that we went to Home Depot to buy some new knobs and hinges for that cabinet....have to get rid of those white knobs! Then we went to the casino for some relaxation time!! Didn't win though...bummer!

I forgot to mention, Friday night we went downtown to a festival that our town has every year to celebrate the founder of our city, so it's an old time festival. Anyway, ended up buying these 2 things.

Ok, so that ends the shopping trips and pictures! Now to my question, we had bought a black pedestal table set for our kitchen and I am debating about primming it up. The design of it does look old, but just not sure to take it any further by doing some sanding on it. What do you guys think?? I probably should have took a picture of it. But it's round with the pedestal stand and black.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! I was hoping to go to Goodwill tomorrow but just found out my car has to stay in the shop for another day, so it won't be until Wednesday now. I just know I'll miss out on something!!


Pat said...

You found some wonderful things. I think my favorite is the mirror.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

WoW, it was like Christmas for you, LOL!
You picked up some great goodies!

Carmen S. said...

BRENDA......YOU"VE STRUCK GOLD!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE that cabinet, and those molds are adorable, they would make the cutest pantry cakes for displaying on your NEW CABINET!!!!!!!

big city prims said...

Hi Brenda -- your table sounds just like mine --I did prim mine up with black paint and it came out fine. Love all of your goodies -- wow!! You must have needed a truck to haul it all home!! And it's all great!

pammyjo said...

OMGosh! You are on a roll. Great finds! Have a creative week! :)

Janene said...

OMG! That cabinet is absolutely awesome!
You lucky lucky girl!
I agree with Carmen...the molds would make fantastic pantry cakes...especially the one with the pineapple (the symbol of hospitality!)
Great finds!

Shari said...

Oh, my! What a haul! My personal favorite is the cabinet! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Wish I had space for one. My little house is almost full. LOL!!
Thanks for mentioning my web site and your goodies! I hope you enjoy them!

Hugs and Blessings,

dee begg said...


Do you have any room left? LOL! Great finds. I love the chippy girly!


Kindra-At Home With K said...

What wonderful goods you picked up! I'm so jealous over that cabinet!! Did I ever ask you what part of Nebraska you are from? I live south of Lincoln. :)