Thursday, July 2, 2009

New items for sale

Look...I have been getting something done!!

This first item is a design by Becky over at
It is called "Crow on Pear Make-Do. It's right about 12 inches tall and the pear is attached to a rusty ole bedspring. The pear and crow have been grunged with cinnamon and coffee stain. Stained cheesecloth is around the bottom of the pear along with a stained tag reading "Prim Pear".



The next picture is a design by
This is called "Americana Pineapple Door Greeter". This is about 15 inches high. I also made a smaller version which is about 8 inches high.


I will be listing both of these items on etsy tomorrow.

I also wanted to show a 4 generation picture of my mom, myself, my daughter and grandson. Notice that mom still has some bruising going on from her fall!


Well that's it for today. I hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July weekend!!


Carmen S. said...

Lovely family pic, Brenda:) Love your little crow...he's so cute on the pear!

Becky said...

Brenda you have done an AWESOME JOB! that pear & crow is just awesome.....:)