Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New front door

Ok, here is a couple of pictures of my new front door. Ignore those 2 blue spots around the door, the person that sided this house before we moved in didn't know how to side and therefore, we have spaces around the house that is showing the undercolor paint! And the landlord has never bothered to fix it. I may paint that now that I think about it. I painted the garage door last year which I'm pretty sure is the same color of the siding. Anyway, anything would be better than that blue!! Ok, getting back to the door...what color do you all think I should paint this. Right now the primer color matches the siding really well...lol, but I'm thinking it blends in too much. Do I want something that stands out?? The house also has dark brown shutters. I thought about the dark brown but then I thought when we have the door open that it would make the inside look dark? Am I crazy??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!! Oh, also...those colored buckets that are in my previous post...they are metal!




Carmen S. said...

Hi Brenda, love your door! What about a tan of some sort, that would still blend in with the brown shutters but not be as dark? Like maybe even a light cocoa color?? Or you could pick a whole new color for the shutters and match that...? I'm sure you'll make it great no matter what color you choose;)

Jessica said...

Paint it red! lol ;) At our last residence (a duplex) our door was painted red and I actually liked it. (I don't care for red normally). It stood out against the white/tan colored building, but had green trim. Then the landlord had the building painted a light brown, with darker green trim and it looked a little too Christmasy to me. :p

I love those metal buckets in your last post, can't say that I have ever seen any like them before!

Little Penpen said...

Red, red, red... I say that because I want a red front door. :o)

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Love your new door Brenda!I vote for red too :0)

Firecracker Kid said...

You could go with a deep dark red tone. Then you could spraypaint those shutters to match. Dare to be different:)