Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Antique mall finds, Goodwill finds and some new candle mats

Good evening friends!

Here are my finds from the antique mall that hubby and I went to last weekend. I really didn't get much but I could have gotten a lot more if we would have had a pickup!!




These are my finds from Goodwill yesterday. Not much again!


I'm looking forward to primming this up!! Please excuse my bottom half that's reflecting off the mirror!! LOL!! I got some other little things there also, some clothes and books.


These are the new stitchery candle mats that I got done. I'll list these on ebay. They sell pretty good there.
Design by Dianne Cook
These next 2 are designed by Chestnut Junction


This is post #97 according to my dashboard but #93 on the front page..not sure why the difference but I'm going with the dashboard for my giveaway. Only 3 more posts to go for my giveaway announcement!!

It's still been kind of chilly here but next week they are saying high 60's and 70's so hopefully I can get a bunch of these redo's done!!

Have a great evening all!!


NancyD said...

Nice finds, Brenda! Love the candle mats, have never tackled them myself and I just love them. Great job :)

Susie@YLP said...

I have a dust pan similar to that in my storage. It's totally rusted.. no color at all left on it,but I got it for free, cause they thought it was trash. Hee hee, I love when that happens. I do like your blue one MUCH better. Might have to copy that.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love the dust pan and the corn dryer. Your candle mats are great/ Are they from wool?
I don't think you can have too many enamelware mugs. I probably have 200. I just love them!

Patti said...

Love your finds Brenda-especially the potato masher (I have yet to purchase one)..the wooden mirror is great and so different with that cute shelf. On tuesday at GW, I found
1 3/4 yds of mauve stripped pure wool for 2.99(never used)...I was dying and grabbed it right away!!

Carol said...

Oh I like the bottom half in the mirror. LOL. Blue jeans and baggy shirts... my kinda style:)

Brenda said...

Linda...the candle mats are muslin..nothing Thanks for you visit!!
Patti...don't blame you one bit for grabbing that wool, I would have done the same!!
Carol....yes, that is my dress code...jeans and baggy shirts. I buy the shirts like 2 sizes!
Thank you all for your comments and your visits!!

Pieced Pastimes said...

Thanks for visiting my blot and leaving such a nice comment. You found some lovely things on your shopping trip. I especially like the mirror and the wooden chopper.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Great finds Brenda! You always seem to find some good stuff :) Love your candle mats!!

Angie Berry said...

Loving all your new goodies you got! And especially loving your candle mats! The one with the willow tree and sheep is my fave. I wish I could afford to buy from every single one of my blog friends. How cool that would be to have my home furnished with home made wares from my prim friends!!

Craftyperson said... hit the jackpot with all the goodies...great finds...
Love your candlemats...
Wishing you a Happy Easter..
Take care,
Prim hugs,