Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lots of new pinkeeps, candle mats, treasures and a Mid Life Crisis!!

Hi everyone! Hope your Sunday is going well! It's hot and hot here.

I just got done listing a bunch of new pinkeeps and candle mats on ebay. Here are some pictures of what I listed. I have also finished some other things but they are for swaps so I can't show them!




Last week, a friend and I went to this really really small town not far from me to see some friends. I don't even think this town/village is incorporated!! So our friends weren't there yet so we found this really awesome junk store. You can barely walk in this place and it is old also. Used to be some kind of a general store. I could have bought so much more!! I will be back there some day. This is what I ended up with. More frogs and they still had more at this store!! I love the picture frames. There is also a biscuit cutter and an old cigarette roller piece. And the pin cushion is so cool. I noticed I didn't get a picture of the blue banded crock that I also got.


Now for the last part of my title. My hubby tells me I'm going through a mid-life!
I went and got another tattoo. This is on my leg. This is a butterfly if you can't tell. Now actually, I probably would not have gotten this but is was almost free!! I only had to pay $35.00 for this $100.00 tattoo. It was a raffle type thing that was being held at the bar that I go too. And then 2 days before that, I got my nose pierced. Just a little stud is all, but I'm really liking it. I know alot of people are against that kind of thing and that's ok, but this is me.
Your opinion....crisis or!!


Well that's it for all have a great week!!


Carmen S. said...

Love your creations Brenda and I'd say your *normal*, LOL! My son has gotten several tattoos since graduating and joining the army, but yours is very pretty, I love butterflies:)

Raymond Homestead said...

Boy Brenda, you've really been busy making things! I'm too much of a chicken to ever get a tattoo, I think it would be too painful!!

theoldesaltbox said...

All of your stitchen is looking good! I'm liking the tattoo as well. I've always wanted a little daisy on my big toe. Maybe someday I'll get the courage!

Unknown said...

wow Brenda...never would have guessed you're a piercin' tatooin' kinda what makes you happy...I don't like pain so I don't have any tatoos!! :)
love your new goodies..

Beckyjean said...

HI Brenda~

Love your new tattoo!! I love tattoos, but am too chicken to get one of my own. I say do what makes you happy.

Yippee!! I headed right over to ebay & bought some goodies for myself. I still have to go back through your blog to let ya know what I would be interested in. Maybe we can do a swap yet if you would be interested.

Have a great night~Becky

Angela said...

Hi Brenda, Love your candle mats and pinkeeps. Have always wanted to try my hand at those but they look to hard and too time consuming to me. Great job. Tattoos,,, not for me but I am a big old chicken. Do whatever makes you happy. Looks great by the way. Enjoy showing it off. Have a great evening.

michelle said...

I think your gonna be just fine sweetie.Ive got a huge dragonfly with pansies on my arm ,three butterflies to signify each of my daughters on the back of my neck,nose pierced,tongue and belly button as well but dont wear those two anymore,hehe.Tattoos are very addicting and fun!Enjoy and at that price who could resist!I love your candle mats and tucks too.big hugs michelle

BumbleBeeLane said...

Girl you are young and crazy umm I mean carefree as long as possible...Now no tattoo's for me I hate needles but I do like the henna ones for summer.Hope you have a wonderful week.Hugs!~Amy

renee said...

Hi Brenda,
Well, I wouldn't have thought that you had tattoos either, but no one thinks that about me! LOL! I have two of them, and well, I think there is a line with them. I think if it's something meaningful, then it's different. Mine are both special to me, I like the butterfly. I don't do the piercing thing though, if that's your thing, well alright. I mean I have ears, but I hardly even wear them! LOL! I do like your finds, the pinkeep is neat!
Have a great day!

dee begg said...


Tell the hubby you aren't going through a mid life crisis but keeping life "interesting"! LOL! No tats for me though...although I do admire ones that other people have.

Love the candle mats and pin keeps. Neat finds at the junk store.

Oh and the piercing, well as long as it's not one of those huge ring things, a little discreet stud won't hurt to add a little sparkle to your nose.


Felicia said...

Brenda your stitching on the pin keeps. pretty neat finding all the junk too.


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I am loving the floral frogs. I have a dozen glass ones but only one of the metal. I have 2 plastic ones like the metal ones.
I see lots of tattoos these days. I wonder if anyone understands the word permanent. And do they consider where/what this body part will look like someday? Some are absolutely stunning. Some are freakish. Luckily, yours is lovely. The piercing---tiny little sparkle. ok---but hoop? no way. I couldn't do that with my allergies. Anyway, that's how I view them for myself. I am more liberal in regard to everyone else. Live and let live! I say you are among the new normal. If that includes mid-life crisis, well--so be it. You are the only one who needs to approve your actions!
★Linda★ :)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

You have been one busy lady! :) I love your candle mats.

Hey, love the tattoo because I just got my first one on Saturday! Yay me! I will be blogging about it soon.


Hi, I found that I love junking, you never know what you will find. Love the tattoo, I'm with some of the others, don't like pain! Your candlemats and pinkeeps are great. Take care, Cyndy

Janie Fox said...

well, you arfe quite a rebel hehe I have a butterfly tattoo. I wish now though, that i had picked a flamingo. I love old flamingos stuff and why I didn't think of it. I say I am going to get a cross one day, but I know it hurt a bit and I am not eager to repeat pain! I will never be brave enuf for the nose stud. Cute but I am constantly wiping my nose so it seems like a problem for that. PSThanks for all your prayers too xoxo

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Brenda,
Love, love all your awesome creations. You are so fast, it takes me forever to do one candle mat. I love your candle mats and stitcheries.
I like your tattoo it is very pretty, When I turned 50 my BF and I each got a little flower on our foot, my kids and hubby couldn't believe it, that was my midlife cricis adventure, He He Hugs, Lecia

Proper Prim said...

Brenda you candle keeps are adorable. I have to apologize for not getting over here sooner.

No tats for this girl... I don't want anything on me that I can't rub off... just call me chicken. Your's is very pretty I might add.

I had to laugh at your Fat Cat sitting... we had a big fat guy that thought he was human and sat on the couch like a person with his paw on the armrest... used to crack me right up. Yours is a beauty.

Hope you are well and hopefully things calm down a bit and I can get caught up on my blog reading.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Deb