Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodwill finds

Hubby and I went to Goodwill today...look at all my finds!! I know, I know, I haven't done anything with the other finds that I have pictured on here. The weather is just not cooperating with me so I can get out and spray paint those items! It's either too cold, or too windy............or I'm being lazy...LOL! I would love if someone could tell me what the tall thing with the long stick is. I haven't a clue. I thought maybe at first, a rug beater?? I bought the picture frame as it's a bubble frame and I love those to put vintage pictures in.

I also now have one of those little Spring Thyme buckets listed on Etsy. Got a couple more painted up. These have different flowers in them though. You can click the Etsy button on the right to go and see what I have for sell in my shop. Thanks!!






Annie said...

What great finds! Did a little Goodwilling myself today! Can't seem to quit! LOL Not sure what that tall thingy is...could it be a TP holder...or more the size for paper towels? Whatever it is, it's cool looking. ~~Annie

dee begg said...


Are you trying to keep up with my stash? LOL! Ok, as for the long wood thingy...maybe a husband beater? LOL! I don't know, but get it painted up, kewl things like that always sell.


Janene said...

Brenda~I just came across you blog and I am blown away by this post!
I too love going to GW and finding the best of things!
I would like to add you to my faves, and then I am going to go back and read your older posts!
Do you refinish your finds?

I Play Outside The Box said...

What a hall you made from Goodwill!
Hope to see what you do with it all!!