Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someone make me stop!!!!

I really need someone to tell me to stop buying all this stuff until I get some of this other stuff done!! Hubby won't tell me!! Maybe one of you will, but do you think I will listen?? Probably!!

Went to a Salvation Army store in Omaha today. Have not been in one of those stores for years. Not sure why though as Omaha isn't that far away from me and the fabric store is right next door so I have a good excuse to go into town right?? LOL! I could have gotten so much more but I had to limit myself (WHAT???) because I wanted to go to the fabric store also where there was a huge sale going on! Patterns for 99 cents! Material 1/2 price! My hubby asked me if I had a good time!! Yep, sure did!!

Anyway, on to the goodies that I got.

Love this Americana pillow and the picture

A dish soap jar that I will probably prim up just a tad more

Another shelf (there were tons of different types of shelves there!)

These 2 little rolltop recipe boxes

Double cubby recipe box

And finally this blue box which is pretty well prim already but it won't stay that color for me and then this book stand?

Well that's it for me for a couple of days. It's been really hot here, I love it!! Need to get something done in the next couple of days.


Janene said...

I wish I could tell you to stop...But I can't...simply because I can't stop myself!! LOL
We need to join/form a support group of some kind...we should meet at GW (where we will hold our meetings!)
I love your did very well!

Unknown said...

Stop Brenda!!! LOL I do love all the goodies you bought.
Have a great week!

pammyjo said...

Great finds, and 1/2 off fabric seems like a great day to me. You rock! Thanks for sharing! :) P

Country Acres Primitives said...

Wow, great finds! I'm trying to stop too! hee hee I'll meet you guys at the support group meeting :)

Jody said...

Love that roll top recipe holder! Too dang cute! Great finds!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Love all your goodies. I sure can't tell you to stop. I'm more of an "enabler"! LOL! Keep at it, hon...haven't heard yet where compulsive junkin' was hazardous to your health! :))


I Play Outside The Box said...

Tell you to stop...??...are you kidding? I would have bought it all myself!! Great finds!

dee begg said...


Don't stop...just send the stuff to me! You do still have my address, right?


MommaB said...

love all your goodies...and you also havebeen entered into my giveaway....