Sunday, April 19, 2009


I want to say thanks to everyone that commented, gave suggestions, and gave compliments. I so much appreciat it! I think I have decided to go with a neutral color for my kitchen, but now the problem is what color on that???? I don't want white and not even an antique white. Maybe some kind of tan? I am going to have mustard colored items though for hanging. I think the mustard color on the walls are just going to make the room so dark and I only have 1 small window in there, so I'm thinking I should probably stay a light color.

To Jen...isn't that shelf the coolest?? I only paid 2.99 for!!

To Carmen....nice to meet you also and thanks for the compliment!!

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Old Glory Soldiers said...

Why not a chair rail? With the mustard as the lower color? This could be a gorgeous accent! Of course you would have to evaluate your space.

I do agree that mustard could look dark, but it is a gorgeous color and depending on how you use it it could work. I have a tan on my walls ... it really makes a statement I think ... of course even the tan can be dark if the lighting is not right ...

I can't wait to see what you decide!

Have a Blessed Day!